To succeed and grow your business online, you need to be highly disciplined in 3 key areas.

  1. Ads
  2. Leads
  3. Sign-ups


Running online ads is no longer an option. It’s a business imperative. The days of getting a predictable and reliable flow of traffic from social media posts, blogs and YouTube videos are over. You should see money spent on ads as an investment in your business that is trackable and has a measureable ROI. Your goal is to invest $1 and get $2 back the same day or as quickly as possible.

Side bar ==> running online ads is a sport. You’ll need to practice, test and tweak until you find the best performing ad for your campaign. Your first ad is likely to fail, but take heart. You can test ads for as little as $10-20 per day.

All posts should be seen as ads that can be boosted and tested and must make use of direct response techniques.

Top Tip: You may need to tweak your headline, description, creative or target audience but it’s important to change one component at a time to identify what worked.

The essentials of a good ad should have:

  • A unique value proposition
  • Precise audience targeting
  • An adequate budget
  • A link to a lead capture page

Your ads include a headline, description, creative and a call to action. Researching your niche, the problem that you’re solving and your buyer persona is critical for audience targeting. Your unique value proposition should state the reason why they should choose you over your competitors and the benefits they’ll get with you. It allows you to write better ads that speak directly to your prospects.

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Your lead capture page is where you communicate your unique value proposition and offer something of high vale in exchange for your prospects email address.

The goal is to repel the wrong people and attract the right people to sign-up to your lead magnate.

Your lead magnate is the thing of high value that is offered on your capture page. This can be a live webinar, educational video, ebook, guide or report. I highly recommend a 45 min video masterclass.

The aim of your lead magnate is to educate your prospects and build authority and trust. The goal is invite the right people to take advantage of your free session offer and book a call.


The one hour signup is a mindset. It’s a sense of URGENCY and a critical part of your client sign-up speed and success rate.

Most prospects have an urgent need to solve their problem and you need to identify and respond to it appropriately. If their marriage is on the rocks and they’ve tried everything they know to put it right, but nothing is working and their spouse has already began divorce proceedings, or they’ve received a foreclosure notice on their house, or if their business is about to fail or is not hitting its sales targets – then they all need a solution FAST!

If the desired outcome that they’re seeking is something that you are confident that you can deliver, then in most cases you can make an offer and sign them up then and there. This can happen within the hour of clicking on your ad.

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