Bible Prosperity Secrets – Catholic


How to prosper spiritually, emotionally, physically & financially
A birds eye view of the Bible

People everywhere are in need of help and healing for the whole person – spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, and in relationships – spirit, soul and body. God has provided the answers to these needs in His Word and by His Spirit through Jesus Christ.

Inside you’ll grow your knowledge of the bible’s often misunderstood or overlooked scriptures, you’ll be fully persuaded that God is a lavish and generous father and His will is prosperity for your life, and finally you’ll learn how to ACTIVATE God’s promises.

You’ll get instant access to:
[::] 84 Page Book Catholic Edition (PDF 1.97 MB)
Bible Translation: New Revised Standard Version. (NRSV) Catholic Edition.

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It’s true…

There’s a new and different way for you to live a TOTALLY PROSPEROUS LIFE.


And it’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because of how it understands BIBLE PROSPERITY and by taking an HOLISTIC VIEW of the Word of God and accurately divides the scriptures.

And as you’ll see, it gives you instant access to the HIGH LIFE and you can START TODAY!

Best part of all, it doesn’t require you to live a PERFECT LIFE or to be a BIBLE SCHOLAR.

And you can have an ABUNDANT LIFE regardless of whether your at the END OF YOUR ROPE or you think that GOD won’t DO IT FOR YOU!.

So, if you want to live a TOTALLY PROSPEROUS LIFE you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Hi, my name is Michael…

It’s with much joy and excitement that I am finally able to bring you this book. It’s taken me three years to write and has been theologically and intellectually challenging with questions such as:

  1. Are Christians under the Old Testament Law?

  2. Do the promises in the Old Testament apply to Christians Today?

  3. What’s the difference between being under the spirit of Torah and under the letter?

  4. How to receive from God and what are the two spiritual laws?

  5. How to know that you can trust the Word of God?

This book addresses and answers all these questions and much MUCH more…

“Get the desired transformation in your life or avoid something that you don’t want in your life.”

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Format: PDF (458 KB)

Stay blessed,
Michael Cloke

P.S. Upon successful payment, you’ll have instant access. This book will be a blessing for you. Amen.


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