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About Michael Cloke


I Help Christians of All Denominations, To Get Spiritual Breakthroughs Without Trying To Live A Perfect Life – Using The Bible Secrets Coaching Programmes.

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What Michael Cloke does …

Mission & Vision Statements


Bible Teaching The World Is Not Familiar With! Michael’s area of speciality is biblical wisdom literature, prosperity breakthrough and saving souls through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. MCM’s vision is to be a little light shinning on the message of Grace and Hope of eternal life.


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Do I need to believe in the Bible for this to work for me?

Yes! All of our teaching and products are bible based.

Will these classes work for me as a NEW believer in God?

Yes!  Lot’s of our customers are new to the Bible and the things of God.

Results depend largely on your attitude and level of FAITH and belief in God and total TRUST in His word.

Is your online store secure?

Yes! Our Online Store uses a trusted certificate to protect all your personal information. Your password or credit card number is private when it is sent to this site..

Social Media Guidelines

At Michael Cloke Ministries, we are pleased with the opportunity to interact with our global community via social media. Our social media team members review comments and posts that are made to our accounts. We reserve the right to remove posts and comments that:

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We also reserve the right to terminate access to any of our accounts at any time for any reason without notic

What's the License for these products?

All of our products come with a PERSONAL Use only License.

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