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What kind of results can I expect from the program?

If you follow the Ads2Clients | Upgrade Program and do the work, results follow. It’s that simple. The goal of the program is for you to get 5 ideal clients within the next 30-90 days.

What is an Ideal Client?

An ideal client is the right client for you. They are lovely to work with, hungry and highly motivated. They benefit massively from your help and are happy to pay you what your worth.

How long before I can start getting new clients?

If you have no experience yet, you can start bringing in clients within 60 days. You need to become clear on your research and unique value proposition first. If you already have experience, you can use these strategies immediately to start getting paid what you are worth!

What kind of homework will I have?

Each week (Friday) there are LIVE and/or pre-recorded videos to watch and an online lesson to complete before moving on to the next step. Downloadable worksheets and exercises are available to further the learning. On average, there is about 45 minutes of video training each week. Sometimes there may be a little more or a little less. You’ll have your private Facebook group to talk with your A2C community as you move through the homework. And don’t forget, myself and my team will be there to help you move forward each week.

Where can I get extra support?

If you have questions, we’ll provide ways to reach us in your members area. You’ll have a chance to ask questions within the private Facebook group. If you are falling behind, please reach out to us – we are here to help you with the commitment you have made to yourself and your goals.

Other Questions

Will this be too technical for me?

Anyone can learn online marketing and build out a funnel! Nowadays, all funnel software is point and click. The best part about this system is that I give my exact scripts and templates – so all you have to do is edit it to make it work for you and your business.

YouTube Ads: Does this program teach me how to do that?

Yes, we have training specific to YT advertising, you’ll have some bonus Live training on this as well.

What kind of YouTube advertising budget do I need?

Yes, you will need an YT ads budget. We have clients spending as little as $10 a day for a set time or several hundred per day. Your budget determines how fast you collect leads, but can be done at your own pace. There is a learning period for YT ads, it’s the only way to fine tune your offers and messaging to get the results you’re after, we’ll give you guidance on this as well.

Do I need to hire a web developer to build my system?

Many clients are building out their landing page, sales page and emails themselves. We also have clients who have team members to help, but the system is not complex and does not require web developer skills.

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